What a day! Lots of fun was had at Edinburgh Gardens on Australia Day for the second installment of Summer Innit; another brilliant idea from DJ Affiks. It was the last of our free park parties for this Summer and we’re already talking about how we can make it even better next year. Was great to see so many people out for this one! Here’s a few images courtesy of Francesco Vicenzi

Edinburgh Gardens getting lots of love with many people in the park, soaking up an excellent mild Summer’s day and the public holiday vibes.

Cameo appearance by Silkie(UK)!

The dance really kicked in just a few hours before the sun began to wane. Come 7pm no-one wants it to end. Unfortunately the curfew is 9pm so we finish as a respectable 8pm to keep the neighbours happy. A13 dropping another big tune whilst Affiks dashes home to get another laptop. Dust everywhere from the dancing, the DJ gear is covered with it. You should have heard Affiks’ voice the next day! All in the name of a good time though. Hope to see you all at 16-Bit on Feb 20.

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